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indeco hydraulic rock hammer breaker parts tool point ME 8500, UP181, UP200, U 301, UP350, UP351, UP

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Model:ME 8500, UP181, UP200, U 301, UP350, UP351, UP462

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standard exporting pallet or box

5 days to 15 days


We (Xiamen Yonglianfeng Machinery Co,Ltd)  are manufacturer of hydraulic breakers/hammers and spare parts for breakers of Soosan,Hanwoo,NPK,Toyo,Furukawa etc., we also supply excavator/bulldozer undercarriage parts, excavator piping kits, hydraulic breaker parts include seal kits ,chisel,rod pin,moil point, piston, diaphragm, charging valve, front head, back head,accumulator,through bolt,thrush bush,ring bush,front cover,pedal valve,nitrogen charging device ect.

We can produce more than 1000 types of chisels for our customers, the following are only part of the models:(hydraulic hammer tools, hydraulic breaker chisel, hydraulic hammer chisels, hydraulic breaker tools, hydraulic rock breaker tools, demolition tools, hydraulic breaker tool bits, hydraulic demolition hammer tools, hydraulic breaker point,hydraulic hammer point,excavator attachment,hydraulic breaker aftermarket parts/replacement parts)

Furukawa Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:

F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F9, F12, F19, F20,F22, F27, F 30,F35, F45, F70

HB05R, HB1G, HB2G, HB2,5G, HB3R, HB100, HB3G, HB200, HB5G, HB8G, HB10G, HB700, HB15G, HB20G,HB30G, HB40G, HB50G

NPK Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:       

E12-X, E15-X, E18-X, E24-X, E106, E200, E201,E 202, E203, E204, E205, E206, E207, E208,E 210A, E212, E213, E213A, E215, E216, E218, E224, E220, E225

GH06, GH07, GH1, GH2, GH3, GH4, GH6, GH10, GH15, GH18    

H06-X, H08-X, H1-XA, H2-XA/XE,H 2-X, H3-XA/XE, H4-X/XE, H5-X, H6-X, H7-X,H 8-X, H8-XA, H10-X, H10-XB, H10-XE, H12-X, H12-XE,H16-X, 16-XE 

Soosan Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:

SB10 , SB20 , SB30 , SB35 , SB40, SB50,  SB60, SB81, SB121   

Kent Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:

KF1, KF2, KF3, KF4, KF5, KF6, KF9, KF12, KF19, KF22, KF27, KF35, K 45, KF70


Krupp Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:

HM45, HM55 (50), HM51, HM60V, HM75 (60), HM61, HM85, HM90V, HM100, HM110, HM130, HM131, HM135,HM140V, HM170, HM185, HM190V, HM200, HM220, HM230, HM301, HM305 (300), HM400, HM401, HM405,HM350V, HM551, HM555, HM560, HM560CS (550), HM560V, HM580, HM600, HM601, HM680, HM720CS       HM(710),HM711, HM715,HM 720, HM720V, HM712, HM700, HM701, HM702, HM705, HM706, HM780 V, HM800, HM900, HM901, HM902, HM960CS (950), HM960V, HM1000V, HM1200, HM1201, HM1205, HM1500, HM1500CS, HM1500V, HM2100, HM2300V,HM2500(2200), HM2500V, HM2600

Okada Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:

UB4,UB8,UB11,OUB305,OUB307,OUB308,OUB210,OKB302A, OKB303, OKB305, OKB312 B, OKB316,TOP35, TOP60,TOP200

General Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:


Konan Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:


Toku Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:

TNB7E, TNB8E, TNB10E,TNB 14E, TNB16E, TNB22E, TNB100,TNB150,TNB190,TNB230,TNB310,TNB400  

Toyo Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:

THBB50, THBB51, THBB71, THBB101, THBB301, THBB401, THBB801, THBB1101, THBB1400, THBB 1600, THBB2000,THBB31,THBB201,THBB3000   

Stanley Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:

MB105, MB125, MB156, MB250, MB350, MB506, MB550, MB656, MB800, MB15EX, MB20 EX, MB30EX, MB40 EX,MB50 EX, MB70EX,MB80EX,MB100EX  

Montabert Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:

BRP30, BRP45, BRP50, BRP60, BRP70, BRP85, BRP95, BRP100, BRP130, BRP140, BRP150     ,BRH40, BRH75, BRH76, BRH90, BRH91, BRH125, BRH250, BRH270, BRH501, BRH570, BRH620, BRH 625, BR 750,BRV32,M30, M50, M60, M70, M85, M95, M125SX, M130, M140, M150, M300, M600, M700, M 900      ,SC6, SC8, SC12, SC16, SC22, SC28, SC36,V32, V1200  

Atlas Copco Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:

MB500, MB700, MB800, MB1000, MB1200, MB1600, MB1700      ,HB2200,HB3000,HB4200 ,  PB110, PB160, PB210, PB310, PB420, PB530, SB50, SB52, SB100, SB100MK2, SB102, SB110, SB150, SB150MK2, SB152, SB200, SB202, SB300, SB302, SB450, SB552 ,SBC60, SBC115, SBC255, SBC410, SBC610, SB 650, SBC800, SBC850,TEX30H, TEX75H, TEX80H, TEX100H, TEX110H, TEX180H, TEX250H,     TEX400, TEX600-900H, TEX1400H, TEX1800, TEX2000, TEX1800H, TEX2000H,HBC1100 - 1700 HD, HBC2500, HBC4000, HBC6000

Rammer Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:


E63, E64, E,65,E66, E66 N, E68,G80, G90, G100, G110, G120,G130,M14,M18

Indeco Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:                  

HB5, HB8, HB12, HB19, HB27,HP200, HP350, HP500, HP600, HP700, HP900, HP1200  ,MES121, MES150, MES180, MES181, MES200, MES250, MES300, MES301, MES350, MES351, MES450, MES451, MES521, MES550, MES553, MES601, ME621 MES,650, MES1050, MES1200, MES1500, MES1800, MES1750, MES2000,     MES2500, MES3000, MES3500, MES5000, MES7000, ME 8500, UP181, UP200, U 301, UP350, UP351, UP462, UP521, UP550, UP553, UP601, UP621, UP650, UP1200

JCB Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer::



Arden Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:

AB100, AB150, AB210, AB280, AB350, AB450, AB550, AB1050, AB1850      

Berco Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:

BB42, BB52, BB62, BB70, BB80     

Bobcat Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:

B290, B300, B400, B500, B600, B700, B850, B950, B1200, B1400,       B1750,B1250, B1560, B2500, B3500, B5060, B5500, B6560,HB280, HB380, HB580, HB680, HB880, HB980, HB1180, HB2380     

Case Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:

CB140, CB200, CB370, CB620, CB735, CB1150, CB1450, CB2850, CB3750, CB4000, CB5200, CB 6000 

Caterpillar Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:

H45s, H50s, H55Ds, H63s, H65Ds, H70s, H90, H90Cs, H100s, H115s, H120Cs, H130, H130C, H130s, H140, H140Cs, H160, H160Cs, H170, H195s,CP75H, CP80H, CP100, CP100H,  CP110H, CP150, CP180H, CP200, CP250H, CP290H, CP300, CP400    

Chicago Pneumatic Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:

CP100,CP150,CP200,CP300,CP400,CP400H, CP550, CP600H, CP700H, CP750, CP900H, CP1150, CP1400H, CP 650, CP1800H, CP2000H,CP2250, CP3050, CP4250

CNH (Case New Holland)       Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:

CB32, CB45, CB65, CB85, CB120, CB150, CB320S, CB400S, CB550S, CB700S

Dehaco Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:

DHB 100, DHB150S, DHB200S, DHB250S, DHB300S, DHB350S, DHB400S, DHB1000S, DHB501, DHB601,DHB35, DHB55, DHB75, DHB105, DHB165, DHB305, DHB405, DHB805, DHB1105, DHB1605, DHB2305,DHB3250,DHB4105

Drago Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:

DRH80, DRH120, DRH150, DRH180, DRH250, DRH280, DRH650S, DRH900, DRH1150S, DRH 1600S, DRH1900

Euroram Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:

RM45, RM48, RM56, RM65, RM75, RM80, RM85, RM90, RM110, RM115, RM120, RM130, RM140, RM145, RM160, RM180  

Gehl Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:          

YC70,G50 S, G160 S, G260 S, G330 S, G450 S

JAB Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:

JB10, JB20, JB30, JB40, JB60, JB80,HM65, HM100, HM100Q, HM160, HM165Q, HM260, HM265Q, HM360, HM385Q, HM495Q,HM 860Q, HM1260Q, HM1560Q, HM1760Q, HM2460Q, HM3060Q, HM4160Q      

Komatsu Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:

M30       ,PC09-1, PC03-2 (FAI), KB100, KB150, KB200, KB250, KB300, KB350, KB400, KB1000 

Kubota Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:

KXB300, KXB400, KXB450, KXB500, KXB600    

Lifton Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:

LH70, LH80, LH110, LH200, LH300, LH170, LH360  

Maruzen Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:

MBB50, MBB60, MBB70,BH711, BH801      

MSB Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:

MS200H, MS250H, MS300H, MS400H, MS500H, MS600H, MS700H, MS800H, MS900H

Neuson Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:

NE6, NE8, NE12, NE16, NE22, NE28, NE36

Orenstein & Koppel Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:

H32, H45, H65, H85, H120, H150, H200S, H260S, H310S, H380S, H530S, H700S   

Promove Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:            

XP100, XP150, XP250, XP450, XP550, XP800   

Rammer S SERIE (Piccolo), S20, S21, S22, S23, S23N, S24, S25, S26, S26N, S27, S29, S52, S54, S55,S56, S82, S83, S84,S86

Rotair Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:

OL90, OL130, OL180, OL250,OLS50, OLS95, OLS160, OLS260, OLS330, OL 450  

Schaeff Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:

SH50, SH70, SH85, SH95, SH140 

Sandvik Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:

BR321, BR422, BR623, BR825, BR927, BR1229, BR2064, BR2266, BR2568, BR3890, BR4510, BR4511

Socomec Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:DMS50, DMS95, DMS160, DMS220, DMS270, DMS330, DMS680,MDO550, MDO750, MDO900, MDO1450, MDO1950, MDO2050  

Takeuchi Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:

TKB31,TKB50, TKB51, TKB71, TKB101, THB201,TKB301, TKB401, TKB801, TKB1101, TKB1400, TKB1600, TKB2000       ,TKB1401,TKB3000

Thomas       Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:

HH 150, HH 300 

Thyssen-Krupp-Technologie       Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:

AT20, AT70, AT120, AT170, AT220 

Volvo Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:

MH90, MH95, MH 160, MH260, MH330

Wimmer Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:

W115, W220, W275, W330, W440, W550, W660, W770, W880, W990

Hanwoo Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:



Idromeccanica Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:


Arrowhead Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:


Italdem Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:



O&K Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:


JKHB Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:

JKHB31, JKHB51, JKHB71, JKHB101, JKHB301, JKHB401, JKHB801,

 JKHB1101, JKHB1401, JKHB1600, JKHB2000, JKHB3000

OCM Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:


OMAL Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:


OMD Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:


STAR Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:



Teledyne Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:



TABE Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:


Pel Job Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:


DNB Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:


MTB Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:


LST Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:


SCHAEFF Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:


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